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| STEFAN  WIESSMEYER - schmuck | scuba collection
Pendants with Marine motifs in Silver and Gold - jewelry for divers  
Pendants with Marine motifs, like dolphins, whales, sharks, rays, turtles, shells and tropical fishes, fully detailed and three dimensional - in Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold by STEFAN WIESSMEYER - scuba collection - handcrafted jewellery for divers
Whale Fluke big

Whale Fluke medium

Whale Fluke mini

Dolphin jumping

Dolphin Mother and Child

Dolphin swimming

Dolphin mini

Longnose Hawkfish

Blue-Spotted Ray big

Blue-Spotted Ray small

Manta ray pendant

Manta ray medium pendant

Manta ray mini pendant

Eagle Ray pendant

Eagle Ray mini pendant

Clownfish pendant

Clownfish mini pendant

Batfish young

Batfish adult

Spanish Dancer pendant

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